My kids’ favorite things . . .

I decided a few weeks ago that it was way past time for us to get some pictures done of the kids. We’d done the church directory photos, and a Wal-Mart shoot with my mom and sisters and their kids when Fiona was just months old, but we hadn’t had our kids’ picture taken since Duncan was born! A friend of mine posted some beautiful shots taken by a local photographer (incidentally, her neighbor), and I decided to take the plunge.

She was running a special on sibling groups, as she built her portfolio, and did I have a group of sibs for her!!! Yesterday we packed up a few props and drove one block over to our little local “cultural center”, an old farmhouse and barn from the early days of the town complete with gardens, old wagon wheels, picnic benches, all kinds of neat background items.

We went after Fiona’s nap to capitalize on her non-crankiness. But when you’re 2 months away from 3 there isn’t a lot of non-cranky time, lol. And Moi had just gotten back from a middle-school church retreat; she was overtired and not just a bit cranky herself. Tae had ideas of how she wanted the whole thing to go . . . which of course it did not. And Dunc just wanted to play with his Legos.

It was a beautiful day for October in Michigan. In fact, it was a beautiful day for August in Michigan — and we were dressed for October. That is to say, it was a bit warmish. Again, adding to the cranky factor.

I was convinced by the time we went home that she was really going to have to work to find any usable shots . . .

And then I saw the first shots she posted.

How can they get any better?

2 Responses to My kids’ favorite things . . .

  1. the one of you hugging your daughter is SO sweet.

  2. That one wasn’t even posed! She was really tired and wanted to leave & I was just holding her for a bit. It turned out nice. The photog was really good at that stealth shooting, lol.

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