It’s life, it’s learning . . .

On my favorite message board today, there was some pretty intense discussion between homeschoolers & public schoolers, on the subject of whether or not public school mamas teach their kids, or if they merely turn them over to the system daily to be dumbed down.  I liked my answer so much, I thought I’d share it with you.

OK. I can totally see both sides of the fence here. As a
homeschooler, I was often asked “But how can you DO that? Do you have
desks? Do you have a school room? How do you know what to teach?”

My answer was EXACTLY the same as it is now that I am a public-school mom (whatever that is).

LIFE teaches my kids. I’m here to lead them through it. We talk, we
learn, we write, we read, we study, we watch, we observe, we write some
more, we sing, we play, we act, we dance, we laugh, we cry . . . It’s
life, it’s learning.

LIFE right now is my kids sitting at desks by kids they don’t like, by
kids that annoy them, by kids that call them stupid and belittle them,
by kids who are their BFFS, by kids who love the same things, by kids
who hate everything, by kids whose parents are there, by kids whose
parents are never there . . . There are papers and lessons and classes.

There’s home. They work on lessons started by someone else, they finish
them, they take them further. They do drama, they study lines, they
learn songs, they practice them. We read, we talk, we write, we talk
some more. We laugh, we cry.

It’s life, it’s learning.


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