Introducing Humphrey Cornelius

Actually, the amalgam of all the kids’ suggestions would be Humphrey Cornelius Jim-Bob-Fred-Joe Num-Nums. But we’re going with Humphrey Cornelius for short.
He’s a bookwyrm.

FTR, it is REALLY hard to get a picture of your own shoulderblade. It’s a mirror image, so he’s actually on my left shoulder.

6 Responses to Introducing Humphrey Cornelius

  1. Wow, is he ever itchy today!!!

  2. Veronica hart

    Nice tattoo.I love it. Who made that tattoo???

  3. I had it done at Gypsy Kings in Commerce, MI. A guy named Steven Weber was the artist.

  4. Debbie Curtis

    I always want’s to have a tattoo but I don’t know where or what part of my body it best fits. Does it hurts? :) just wondering, cause I never done it before.

  5. It does hurt. Different places on your body hurt to differing degrees. My first was on my upper arm, on the biggest part, and it hurt like being scratched with a grill brush — no big deal. Not the funnest feeling ever, but not horrible. My second was on my back, right near my shoulder blade. It wasn’t too bad either, but the closer he got to my spine, the more it hurt. My third was on my arm again, lower than my first, still not awful. My fourth was on my calf. Not too bad. My fifth is no my inner forearm — OWIE, OWIE, OWIE, OWIE. I’ve had about 6 2-hr sessions b/c that’s all I can take at a time. The closer to my wrist, the more it feels like being gashed repeatedly with tiny knives. My 6th tattoo is on my hip, it wasn’t bad. The closer to my pelvic bone it got, there was just a ‘weird’ feeling, not painful, just weird, because normally it’s ticklish there.

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